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Hi Lovelies,

It has been an amazing month for myself and many of my Cake Community friends as we saw the top secret project we have been working on for the last 6 months, finally come to fruition.I’m sure you’ve all seen the Cakenweenie Collaboration by the ‘Burtonesque Bakers’ and I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pieces as much as we loved making them. 

This was my second time as part of a collaboration and I highly recommend it!

If you want to have some fun, make some wonderful friends and create something that you usually wouldn’t get to make in a gazillion years then this is the way! You don’t need to be a brilliant baker, an amazing artist or marvellous modeller….you just need a positive attitude, a sense of fun and the willingness to offer AND ask for help within a group of like-minded Crazy Cakers.

Don’t hesitate, don’t be nervous or self conscious….you’d be surprised how some of the biggest names in the business can feel just the same way. We’re creative personalities so self doubt comes with the territory, but so does a generous spirit of helping each other out.

So jump in, support and encourage each other. Make friends, make mess and before you know it, you’ll be making magic!

Raewyn :) 

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What's Happening

This months Gazette has a little Tim Burton flavour with Cakenweenie featuring a few times including  my interview  with the fabulous Tracey Rothwell of Little Cherry Cake Company and some of the press coverage in '15 Minutes of Fame'                               

We have our second Editors Choice and another brilliant tutorial for you to try. Have you used one of our tutorials? Why don't you submit it to CakesDecor.com and your creation may be featured in the next Gazette.

And we focus on the interesting topic of PROCRASTINATION in this months Kitchen Talk....something I know so many decorators struggle with!

Enjoy! :)


Facebook Giveaway Coming Soon

Most of you probably noticed that we reached 100 000 fans on our Facebook Page. As a thank you, we are preparing Large Giveaway - so stay tuned to not miss a chance to win amazing prizes. 

One month trial on CakeDecorPros.com

Last month we launched 1 month trial on CakeDecorPros.com and I'm glad that many of you gived it a try. Thank you!

Cakes Decor Gazette Editors Choice
The Editors Choice for September is...

Rustic Country Wedding


Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company

This creation is a Cake Decorators dream!! To the untrained eye, it is a vision of romance and beauty, something the wedding guests will talk of with a wistful smile on their faces, to friends for weeks to come.

To a Decorator, the vast array of skills and techniques on display almost make your mouth water! Every element is sheer perfection...exquisite sugar flowers and berries, acres of beautiful ruffles and hand painting that would intimidate some of the best brush wielders among us!

Congratulations Liz, truly a decorators dream order!


Cake Decorator Of The Week

Our fabulous CakesDecor Decorators of the Week for August were.......

A Cakeful of Character

The Brighton Cake Company


Chic Unique Cakes


This Months Interview
The Creator of Cakenweenie - Tracey Rothwell

Tracey, owner of Little Cherry Cake Company and her Cakenweenie piece, Skeleton Boy

Tracey, just how long have you been plotting….I mean planning to rock the world with this amazing creative monster that we now know as Cakenweenie?

Gosh, about 6 months! It took a lot of time planning and even more time procrastinating…LOTS of procrastinating :D

We know you’re a MASSIVE Tim Burton fan and this project’s goal was to wish him a Happy 55th Birthday. Do you know if the great man himself has seen Cakenweenie?

Read more here

See all interviews

Caking Around the World

We would like to bring you news and information about the many exciting Cake events around the world.

If you know of any Cake shows or competitions in your area, we would love you to share them with us.

The Cake & Bake Show 2013

Date: 13th - 15th September 2013
Place: Earls Court, London

Link: http://cakesdecor.com/topics/951


15 Minutes of Fame
Cakenweenie in the News!

We love keeping up with exciting news and events for our readers. If you or someone you know has been in the media recently, just post the information in our forum '15 Minutes of Fame'. Each month we will choose some to share here in the Gazette. 

Monthly Top 5

Most Popular Cake for September

Modern Black and White Geometric Patterns


What a show stopper!!! You can't help but feel your brain struggle to work out the lines and angles of this fabulous cake! The optical illusion is created using a very clever pattern of geometric shapes popular with the brilliant mind of M.C.Escher. The skill and patience demonstrated here is awe inspiring!

Congratulations Bellaria!

Emily Corpse Bride


This took my breath away the first time I saw it! Jacinta is not only a wonderful person, but an incredibly talented decorator and artist! She has createda piece that could have come straight out of the movie! Stunning Jacinta!

Sweet Dolphins

Ana Remigio

How adorable are these cute little guys?

You can almost hear the waves and smell the salt on the air as they frolick in the waves. Well done Ana!


Little Ponies and Toadstool Cupcakes


These little guys are so adorable and they have so much detail! I wish I had the patience to put so much detail into cupcakes. Well done Elli!


Chic Unique Cakes

I love this design!! You don't often see such a small cake make such a big and elegant statement. From the stunning board treatment and the gorgeous corset lacing, to the  beautiful mask, I adore every part of it. Tres Romantique!

Cake This Tute

Royal Icing Collars and Flood Work


The White Box Cake Co

I have to confess that Royal Icing and I aren't the best of friends, so when I looked at this fabulous tute, I was a little nervous! But Sasha explains this process so well, I just have to give it a try...and who knows...perhaps Royal Icing and I will end up best buddies...or at least friendly acquaintances ;)

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous tute with us Sasha :)

Go to tutorial

How can you get involved?

If you use this technique and post the results on CakesDecor.com you will be in the running to win a prize. Just add a description and tag it with "g201". We will choose some and showcase them in the next issue of our Gazette.

Kitchen Talk

Are you a procrastinator? by Whitecrafty

I am such a big procrastinator! In fact, I seem to get my best work done when I am under pressure! Right now I should be working on a cake, but here I am on CakesDecor checking out everyone’s lovely work. Anyone else a big procrastinator, or do you like to get things done early so you have time to relax and breath. The bad thing about procrastination is if I ever had an accident (dropped the cake) and had to completely start over, I’m not sure I would have the time to finish another one!

You can let us know what you think here

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September 11th, 2013

We are 12,310 cake decorators making 245,650 comments on 82,846 cakes, 779 blogs, 76 recipes, 378 tutorials, and 995 forum topics.

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