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Well good riddance February! I won’t miss your horrible humidity that storms our kitchens, moistening and pillaging, taking no prisoners and leaving soggy, sludgy messes in your wake!

Sydney has just suffered through one of its most humid months in memory and I have realised that Cake Decorating and humidity are mortal enemies!! 

Last weekend I made an Under Sea themed baby shower cake for my friend. It took days of drying then re-drying all the elements in the humidity to finally have it all assembled at 5am before the party that day.

The trip up the mountains wasn’t kind to my work. Upon arrival I sprang into action to save the poor baby from the clutches of the now rubbery and closing Giant clam. A quick removal of the top shell and few more pokes and prods confirmed that this was as good as it was going to get and I spent the next 2 hours smiling, chatting and laughing with the chant “eat the evidence’” “eat the evidence” running through the back of my mind.

Sigh…..talk about a fast way to make you feel like you know absolutely nothing! Please tell me I’m not alone….you can read the whole sorry tale and share your humidity related stories and any helpful advice here  – Oh humidity, why do you hate me so?

Raewyn :) x

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What's Happening

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful reception you all gave our new feature ‘Monthly Top 5’.  We have another stunning selection for you to enjoy this issue. 

Our interview this month is with the fabulous and talented Michelle Rea of Inspired by Michelle Cake Designs.  I was so grateful that Michelle agreed to do this interview and especially privileged that Michal let me help with it.

We feature a fabulous Easter cupcake tutorial that’s sure to make you the belle of any Easter celebration and revisit our Cake Decorators of the Week for February.

Enjoy! :)

CakesDecor Giveaway

In February featured another fabulous giveaway!

Every week (2/19, 2/26, 3/5) one random winner got a copy* of Cake 101 DVD and Cake 102 DVD from Pink Cake Box: http://university.pinkcakebox.com/

 * US and Canadian winners will get physical copy, International winners will get an online copy


Cake Decorator Of The Week

Our fabulous CakesDecor Decorators of the Week for February were.......


Kelvin Chua




January Interview - Michelle from Inspired by Michelle Cake Design


What can I tell you about me as cake maker, decorator and photographer? My name is Michelle Rea and my home is in Sydney Australia. A long time ago I was a pastry chef but most of my recipe development experience comes from working in the food manufacturing field. Working for some of Australia’s leading food companies taught me the importance of having a recipe that works every time.

I have also been food editor for the Australian Country Collections and Rick Rutherfords Country magazines. This I called my fifteen minutes of fame!

Read more >

NEW WEBSITE for Cake Decorators Coming Soon!

We are working hard to launch the new website later this month - I don't want to tell you the details right now, but it will be definitely worth to join.  Stay tuned ;)

Caking Around the World
San Diego Cake Club - Annual Cake Show

February 23rd the Panhandle Cake CRUMBS will be having their 9th Annual Panhandle Cake Show & Competition, Gulf Breeze Fl at the Gulf Breeze Recreation Center on Saturday, February 23rd.  Competition is open to all levels of skill from Novice to Professional with special categories for Youth and Children. Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in each category. 

When: March 10 & 11, 2012

Where: March 10 & 11, 2012, San Diego, Califonia, USA

Link: http://www.sandiegocakeclub.com/show.html


KC Cakefest

KC CakeFest is a Charity Cake Festival created by Kansas City’s own Mike Elder (3-time undefeated champion of TLC’s “Ultimate Cake Off”), in cooperation with the “The Whole Person” charity, as a way to bring the joy and fun associated with cake together with the recent fascination of TV cake shows!

When: March 3-4, 2013

Where: KC Convention Center, Kansas City, MO, USA

Link: http://www.kccakefest.com/KC_CAKEFEST/KC_CakeFest.html


Cake Competition Display

Cake decorating has never been more popular. The students in the Cakes and Decorations II class will use all of their creativity to an exciting display of fondant cakes.

Open to the public (High school groups are invited to attend)

When: March 7, 2013

Where: Penn's Inn of the Bush Campus Center, PA, USA

Link: http://www.pct.edu/schools/hos/cakedisplay.htm

Utah Day of Sharing

When: March 9, 2013 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Where: 44 Vine St, Murray, UT, 84017, United States

Link: http://ices.org/event/utah-day-of-sharing/

Pearland Cake Society 2013 Day of Sharing

When: March 24th 2013, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Where: San Jacinto College, Central, 8060 Spencer Highway, Pasadena, Texas, USA

Link: http://www.pearlandcakesociety.com/#!day-of-sharing

Cake International at EventCity, Manchester

We're delighted to be bringing the fabulous Cake International - The Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show to EventCity, Manchester for the very first time this March!

When: 8-10 March 2013

Where: EventCity, Manchester, UK

Link: http://www.cakeinternational.co.uk/manchester/2013/


We would like to bring you news and information about the many exciting Cake events around the world.

If you know of any Cake shows or competitions in your area, we would love you to share them with us.

15 Minutes of Fame

Josh, Donkey & Operation Sugar made Local Newspaper

The lovely Jo of Ciccio is not only super talented but she is incredibly generous. Her recent donation of an incredible Donkey from Shrek cake to New Zealand's fabulous Operation Sugar (think Icing Smiles and Cake Angels etc) saw her featured in the Rotorua Daily Post.

Congratulations Jo, it's wonderful to see your talent and compassion recognised in print. And I adore this photo of you and Josh looking so happy...now that's Cakey Love at it's finest! :) x

We love keeping up with exciting news and events for our readers. If you or someone you know has been in the media recently, just post the information in our forum '15 Minutes of Fame'. Each month we will choose some to share here in the Gazette. 

Monthly Top 5

Welcome to our newest segment where we feature the months Top 5 cakes from CakesDecor.com


Most Popular Cake for February

Happy Easter Cake!


How adorable is this cheeky little Easter Bunny? Don't you just want to squeeze those chubby little cheeks and tickle those cute little feet? Surely this fabulous cake will be on every one's Easter wish list this year!

He is perfectly modeled right down to his wonderful bunny teeth and smiley, crinkly eyes.

Happy Easter everyone :) x

Shanghai Splendour

Kelvin Chua

Inspired by the traditional Mandarin dress, Kelvin shows us again what a master he is with piping royal icing. His signature style showcases intricate piping with eye catching details and an uncanny for colour and design. A masterpiece.

The 24 hour Shoe Cake


Well I really can't say anything about this one as it's mine...a little embarrassing really. Needless to say, as much as it was incredibly well received by both Teacher, students and CakesDecor members, I won't try something like this again in such a short space of time :)

Lady and the Tramp


When I first saw this cake I was transported straight back to the first time I watched the movie as a child. A delight of fabulous design combined with incredible modeling. I can almost hear the waiter crooning Bella Notte to the loved up Pooches.

Renè Magritte


Something makes me believe that this incredible interpretation of Rene Magritte's amazing surrealist works would have pleased the artist immensely. I believe the master stroke is the silhouette of the man in a bowler hat cut from the red draping....brilliant!

Cake This Tute

As we are celebrating Easter at the end of this month, how could I go past these cute as buttons Easter Bunny Cupcakes? They are super easy with the step by step photo tutorial by the lovely Loren of The Baking Sheet. I think I'll have to break my no cupcake rule again and make some for the School Easter Raffle.

Go to tutorial

How can you get involved?

If you use this technique and post the results on CakesDecor.com you will be in the running to win a prize. Just add a description and tag it with "g201". We will choose some and showcase them in the next issue of our Gazette.

Cake This Tute Review by Raewyn

This month my tutorial review is 'Wireframed Figurine' by Nicolas Ang of Cake Over Heels.

This couldn't have come at a better time. Without the internal wire structure this dynamic style figurine would have taken at least a week to dry in sections and assemble and then it would have been an anxious wait to see if everything held up in transit. Using the wire 'skeleton' ensured strength and support while drying. I did still battle the humidity which is why my Surfer Girl has cankles haha!

I can't wait till she is dry enough to paint her face and place her on her surfboard.

Thanks Nicholas, I'm a convert! :)

Kitchen Talk

We had a great response to last months topic of Social Media Etiquette, thank you to everyone who shared their experiences and ideas in a positive way. This months Kitchen Talk Topic is 'Watermarking your Pictures' by Dina of Miettes. This issue is much discussed and I personally believe everyone should watermark, for their protection and for ease of identifying the designer for others to be able give design credits. I would love to hear what your opinion on this subject is...to watermark or not to watermark?  

You can read the forum and leave your comments at the link below.

Watermarking your pictures

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