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March was an insanely busy month for me but there were so many fabulous projects that I just couldn't turn down.

By far the biggest was The Starry Night Collaboration that I hope you have already heard of. It involved 50 bakers, all who either knew each other or were friends of friends. It was the brainchild of our incredible leader, Alyssa of Cuteology Cakes. Her calm, unflappable demeanor, her fair and reasonable way of making everyone feel heard and respected are unequaled in my life experience. She truly was responsible for the beautiful spirit of caring and harmony that ran through this whole project. Thank you so much Alyssa, you are a truly sensational Human Being.

She was very capably assisted by the gorgeous Jen from Jen's Just Desserts who is not only a fabulous baker but a computer genius! And also has the patience of a saint!

We came together as friends from all parts of the world...in good faith and with a spirit of cooperation, hope and harmony; we worked together, laughed together and sometimes even cried together. Just ordinary people of all skill levels believing in something bigger than themselves...a true celebration of a tragic genius who gave us so much love and beauty on the 160th anniversary of his birth.

I'm so very proud and honoured to have been a small part of this amazing project, I will cherish the memories of the crazy fun and wonderful camaraderie for the rest of my years. I believe this will inspire many more collaborations as the Cake Community as a whole is a truly cooperative and harmonious group that I feel privileged to have in my life.

You can read more about the Collaboration and the bakers involved here...

Raewyn :) x

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What's Happening

We have a huge issue for you this month; the launch of our fabulous new Cake Decorators and Bakers Directory CakeDecor Pros, the CakesDecor Spring Quaterly Awards and all our regular features.

Our interview this month is with my sweet and talented friend Naomi Hubert of Tea Party Cakes

We have a fabulous tutorial for you to try, another fabulous Top 5 cakes for you to fall in love with and we revisit our Cake Decorators of the Week for March.

Enjoy! :)

CakeDecorPros.com Launched!

We are very excited about the launch of CakeDecorPros.com  - the world's first and largest visual, location based directory of cake decor professionals. 

Free Listing
Free Listing perfectly fits for smaller bakeries and cake decorators. If you’re like most cake decorators, you have a great site but you’re having a hard time getting customers to visit your site. CakeDecorPros is here to help drive potential clients to your site. If you don’t have your own website, create a CakeDecorPros listing and use it as your main website. Creating Free Listing takes you just few minutes and there are absolutely no plans to charge any fees.

Premium Listing
If you are a larger Bakery or high quality cake decorator, you would like to show more to your potential customers. Premium Listing for only $4.99/month includes a larger interactive display card, up to 16 large images and placement above free listings. Also, with a premium listing you will be featured on the home page. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time.


Use coupon code 1NTRO to get 50% off Premium listing for 6 months (expires on April 30). 


CakesDecor Quaterly Awards - Easter Cakes

Your chance to win fantastic prizes in the cake decorating Awards!

The rules are simple and, like everything else at CakesDecor, there’s no fee to enter. The best part of this competition? There will be no designated jury of experts. You and your fellow cake decorators will cast the votes. This creates a truly democratic voting process from our exceptional cake decorating community.

Easter - Easter or the Pasch or Pascha is a Christian festival and holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion at Calvary. We all know that characteristic Easter symbols are bunny, little chicks and eggs. Share your easter cakes with us in the CakesDecor Quarterly Awards and don't miss a chance to win!


  • Winner - $200 Cash Prize & Hand-painted Apron
  • Runner-Up - $50 Cash Prize & Hand-painted Apron
  • One Winner (random draw) - Hand-painted Apron


Cake Decorator Of The Week

Our fabulous CakesDecor Decorators of the Week for March were.......


Verusca Walker




March Interview - Naomi from Tea Party Cakes


I have been a stay-at-home Mom since the birth of my daughter in 2003. I have always had an artistic side, even at a young age. When I was little I spent many hours creating with the odds and ends found in the craft trunk my father made me, and when I wasn’t making some fantastic piece of art for my mother I was in the backyard in my sandbox making mud pies. It seems to me these two things have been a constant in my life, art and baking.

It wasn’t until 2010 my two hobbies merged when I discovered cake decorating. It is the first time in my life that I have stuck with a particular artistic medium, before I was what I call a dabbler.

Read more >

Caking Around the World

We would like to bring you news and information about the many exciting Cake events around the world.

If you know of any Cake shows or competitions in your area, we would love you to share them with us.

Cake International at Excel, London

Cake International - The Sugarcraft, Cake Decorating & Baking Show returns to ExCeL, London for its second year, and promises to be more vibrant, inspiring and irresistible than ever!

When: 12-14 April 2013

Where: ExCel, London, UK

Link: http://www.cakeinternational.co.uk/london/2013/


15 Minutes of Fame

Gwen Stefani loves my cake!

Wow!!! Now this is a story of some serious Rock Star Cake Cred! Lindsay of Sweet Escapes has a fabulous story about her incredible cake that seems like a fairy tale for any decorator...it even has a moral to the story...pretty please...watermark your work Lovelies! The blogs and all those who have loved the work and shared this fabulous cake could easily have given Lindsay credit, it only took me 20 seconds to find who made it on Google...watermarking is your friend :)

We love keeping up with exciting news and events for our readers. If you or someone you know has been in the media recently, just post the information in our forum '15 Minutes of Fame'. Each month we will choose some to share here in the Gazette. 

Monthly Top 5

Most Popular Cake for March

Nemo & Friends Book Cake


This fabulous book cake by Shawna features one of my favourite movies so she already had my vote. Her perfect execution of the Finding Nemo characters, the brilliant combination of 2D and 3D elements and her eye for colour all combine to bring smiles to children and adults faces alike.

Rococo Cake


This stunning cake by Neli was in spired by the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace in Germany. I would love to know how many painstaking hours were spent on this sublime creation. The mix of styles and techniques result in a genuine piece of art!

Mickey & Goofy Ride


What a cute and happy creation. As a child Goofy was always my favourite of the Disney characters so I'm thrilled to see him featured here alongside his better known counterpart, Mickey. These characters are notoriously difficult to recreate, but Ana has done the job very well.

Spring, Stones and Chocolate Ganache


Every now and then a cake comes along that is so amazing and so original that it takes my breath away! This cake feels like a feast to my eyes, I could look at it for hours. I want it in my loungeroom so i can gaze at it for hours! Kara has also generously shared the making of and the inspiration behind this cake on her facebook page. Such a delight!

Spring Butterfly

Tea Party Cakes

I want to be 6 years old again and have Naomi make this cake for my birthday…can you imagine?? This is a cake you would remember for the rest of your days. Every single element, every little detail has been done to perfection! Those butterflies are a dream and the little caterpillar makes me feel all gooey inside! LOVE!!

Cake This Tute

As I was searching through the 100's of tutorials on CakesDecor for this months Tutorial, I stopped in my tracks when I saw this stunning Bi Colour Rose by Lisa of LMCakeDesign!

It's SO stunning as is all of Lisa's work...I can't wait to do this for next months issue in Cake This Tute Review. Now all I have to work out is what colour to make it as I adore this combination!!

Thanks for sharing Lisa :)

Go to tutorial

How can you get involved?

If you use this technique and post the results on CakesDecor.com you will be in the running to win a prize. Just add a description and tag it with "g201". We will choose some and showcase them in the next issue of our Gazette.

Cake This Tute Review by Raewyn

This month my tutorial review is Easter Bunny Cupcakes by Loren of The Baking Sheet

These cute little cupcakes were such a hit at Easter. Featuring easy to follow pictures of each step of the process. All tools are easily found in most decorators kits making them a quick & easy Easter treat. Next time, I think I will make her Bunny Butts to go with them! Thanks for sharing Loren :)

Kitchen Talk

I couldn't resist this month’s forum topic! What are the cake decorating tasks you hate to do? No matter how much we love what we do; there are always a few little niggling things that drive us to distraction!

I hate all the obvious things like the cleanup at the end, washing the pans, lining the pans, stacking the pans so they don't bury the next person to open the cupboard in a bake ware avalanche...but my biggest peeve is...baking!!! *Quickly looks around*......*whispers* don't tell anyone, but I pace in front of my archaic old oven, muttering and grumbling until I can get to the fun part! I have a few tried and true recipes because I don't want to have to rebake. My family always stays well clear of me until they hear the timer go off and then they suddenly appear, knowing it's now safe and wanting to know if there are any offcuts for them.

What are your cake decorating peeves?

You can read the forum and leave your least favourite decorating tasks at the link below.

Cake Decorating tasks that you hate to do....

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