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Well the kidlets are finally all back to school, the Christmas decorations are packed away again for another year, the Easter eggs have been in the shops for a month and already my calendar has gone to hell!

Every year my New Year’s Resolution list goes something like this...be more organised, lose weight, not work so hard, lose weight, get more sleep, lose weight….yeah, I know, as if I’m EVER going to get more sleep ha!

One thing I promised my whole family was that I wouldn’t do anymore all-nighters…..I did my first one last year….and I did my second and third last month haha!!! 

Am I really the only one that does this? I look at something and totally underestimate how long it’s going to take me…by about 300%! AND on the odd occasion I get more time for a project, instead of being happy with what I have and getting some rest, I decide to embellish it or even redo something! I know…you’re muttering under your breath that I’m my own worst enemy…and I know you’re right…the problem is, I LOVE what I do. It’s plain and simple. For all the sleepless nights, interrupted family time, mess, stress and occasional heartbreak, I wouldn’t want to do anything else.
So give me the crazy requests, the weird themes that leave me scratching my head, the HOURS spent making that damned - duck - sit - just - so…I’ll take it all and I'll love it!

Raewyn :) x

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What's Happening

What an exciting issue we have for you this month!! We launch our fabulous new feature 'Monthly Top 5' where will we showcase the months 5 most popular cakes from Cakesdecor.

We have a warm and informative interview with the fabulous woman behind Callicious Cakes and Callicious Aprons. You'll be amazed at the scope of her incredible talent and probably fall in love with her even more, she's a sweetheart!

Also this month we will share the fabulous winners of the CakesDecor Quaterly Awards and feature another wonderful Tutorial for you to try. Michal tells me there will be a prize for the best topper posted using this tutorial....now that's exciting! Enjoy :)

CakesDecor Quaterly Awards Winners

The results are in and it’s time to officially announce the winners of the CakesDecor Quarterly Awards - Winter 2013

There were 177 entries posted in the Ruffles category, 99 votes were cast during this period. I'm really glad that we beat the number of entries, but what I'm really proud of, is that there were more than 2 times more votes than the previous awards. Thank you all and I hope that next time there will be more votes than entries. And here are the winning cakes…


Runner Up

3rd Place

Click here to see the full results.


Custom Aprons for Tutorials Contest Winners

I just wanted to share with you these beautiful Aprons Calli made for the Tutorials Contest Winners.


Cake Decorator Of The Week

Our fabulous CakesDecor Decorators of the Week for January were.......



Karla (Sweet K)

Tea Party Cakes


January Interview - Calli from Callicious Cakes

The last thing I ever thought I’d ever be doing is baking and creating cakes as for the majority of my life I have been a Graphic Artist working in all kind of Commercial fields ranging from Textile Designing to the contrast of running a CAD studio for a large Computer Company in South Africa.. My hobbies were extension of that so would dabble in pottery painting, book illustrations, photography and medical drawings.
Read more >

Caking Around the World
Colorado Wyoming Cake Show

The Colorado/Wyoming Chapter of the International Cake Exploration Societe is pleased to announce the 7th Annual Sweet Times in the Rockies Sugar Art Show to be held February 9-10, 2013, at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. Sugar artists of any age and experience level are encouraged to enter. 

When: February 9 -10, 2013

Where: Colorado Convention Center

Link: http://ices.org/event/colorado-wyoming-cake-show/


Panhandle Cake Show

February 23rd the Panhandle Cake CRUMBS will be having their 9th Annual Panhandle Cake Show & Competition, Gulf Breeze Fl at the Gulf Breeze Recreation Center on Saturday, February 23rd.  Competition is open to all levels of skill from Novice to Professional with special categories for Youth and Children. Gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded in each category. 

When: February 23, 2013

Where: Gulf Breeze Rec Center, FL, USA

Link: http://ices.org/event/panhandle-cake-show/


Park City Cake Deco Expo

Park City Cake Deco Expo w/Toba Garrett: Park City Culinary Institute is hosting Toba Garrett for six-days of cake decorating and sugarcraft classes.  February 23, 2013 9:30am – February 28, 2013 6:30pm. A two-day workshop will be held on Australian Stringwork, with shorter workshops on her Freehand and Classical Drapery techniques as well as her beautiful Sugarcraft Flowers.  There will also be a two-day workshop on how to make Toba’s famous Wedding Dress Cake, and a technical class on how to make Marzipan Fruit. 

When: February 23, 2013 9:30am – February 28, 2013 6:30pm

Where: Treasure Mountain Inn, UT, USA

Link: http://ices.org/event/park-city-cake-deco-expo/

We would like to bring you news and information about the many exciting Cake events around the world.

If you know of any Cake shows or competitions in your area, we would love you to share them with us.


15 Minutes of Fame

Breaking News! Lucky Paul Hollywood meets fabulous cakers and gets bum pinched!

A little birdy (the lovely Jen from Jen’s Just Desserts) shared this pic with me, of Paul Hollywood meeting the gorgeous duo of Allison Henry of Lets Eat Cupcakes and Rosie of Cake Masters at the Cake and Bake Show.

I’m told by a reliable source (Allison lol!) that straight after this picture was taken, Mr Hollywood granted her request to pinch his bum…which of course she did! Good on you girl!
Thanks Jen, Allison, Rosie and Paul for being such great Cake Love Ambassadors :) x

Sara of Courthouse Cake Company featured in Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine

Woohoo!! Sara is on fire! She’s back in the news again this month with a massive feature on the stunning figurine she made for her beautiful daughter, in the recent issue of Cakes and Sugarcraft Magazine.
Congratulations Sara!! :) xx

We love keeping up with exciting news and events for our readers. If you or someone you know has been in the media recently, just post the information in our forum '15 Minutes of Fame'. Each month we will choose some to share here in the Gazette. 

Monthly Top 5

Welcome to our new segment where we feature the months top 5 cakes from CakesDecor. I can't wait to share these stunning creations every month, we really are spoilt for choice!


Most Popular Cake January

Ruffle Silver Cake

Karla (Sweet K)

This cake unsurprisingly, won 1st place in the CakesDecor Quarterly Awards.

With a stunningly elegant colour palette and perfectly intricate piping, this cake takes my breath away even before I take in the luxury of those sensational ruffles!! Can't you just hear the sound of all that beautiful taffeta rustling???

Sigh....this is truly a feast for the eyes!

Congratulations Karla and thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us all :) x

Ruffles and Frills


This cake is a sublime nod to a forgotten era. Crinoline petticoats, satin ribbons and taffeta ruffles....Ladies in parlors and Gentlemen in smoking jackets. Antonella has captured all these wonderful images in this stunning design, which incidentally came 2nd in the CakesDecor Quarterly Awards.

Love is in the Air!


This pretty as a picture creation was made for a UK Wedding fair by Lynette of Niceicing. It is soft and romantic, with delicate blooms cascading over entwined branches and butterflies flitting around a pair of doves. A dream for any Bride and Groom!

Enchanted Wedding Cake


This creation by Calli is almost beyond words...her artistry and creativity make this cake beyond compare. Each element separately is astounding and together they weave a magical tale of enchantment, fantasy and love. Please look at all the detail shots...truly a landmark cake from an incredible designer.

Ruby Cioccolato Amore

Tea Party Cakes

This beautiful cake by Naomi of Tea Party Cakes  is luxury personified. Luscious chocolate and latte ruffles at the base and a creamy canvas above, showcasing an exquisite ruby red jewel, all topped off with a stunning open ruby peony…....so elegant, so refined and so original! 

Cake This Tute

This month our featured tutorial is the 'Wireframed Figurine' by Nicolas Ang of Cake Over Heels. This tutorial enables you to build fabulous, dynamic figures in a consistent and stable manner.  No need to suffer arms falling off or heads coming loose from bodies and scaring little children!

Go to tutorial

How can you get involved?

If you use this technique and post the results on CakesDecor.com you will be in the running to win a prize. Just add a description and tag it with "g201". We will choose some and showcase them in the next issue of our Gazette.

Cake This Tute Review by Raewyn

Yay!!! This fabulous tutorial by Joylicious (LOVE that name!) was right up my alley!! It took longer than I expected...refer to editorial above haha! But the result was worth it, although as you can see, the 100 leaves I made went no where near what I needed because obviously I made my tree WAY bigger than Joyce's. I also broke 10 while fiddling around with them...and trying to photograph it to make it look like there were more leaves lol!! So I will be adding another 100 leaves to give this the full, lush look of Joyce's tree.

For your reference, my tree measures approximately 30cms tall.

It's my youngest daughter Jasmine's 3rd birthday next month. Her 1st birthday cake kicked of this whole cake adventure for me, so perhaps it's fitting that I use this on her cake. I'm thinking maybe a figurine of her on a swing hanging from that long limb on the right? I'll let you know how I go.

If any of you use this, we would really love to see your Tall Tree, go on.... :)

Kitchen Talk

Last months topic was pretty hot but this one is downright controversial!! I would love to know what bugs you about Social Media and Cake Decorating. AND I would like to know how you think we can help it improve :)

Social Media Etiquette

I’m very interested in your opinions on social media etiquette regarding cake decorating. I hear questions asked all the time but rarely answered and I hear LOTS of complaints about people purposely or unwittingly breaking the unwritten ‘rules’ of facebook, instagram etc.
I wonder if we can assist everyone by getting lots of examples put forward here for those new to the arena to be able to read and avoid some innocent mistakes.


Uncovered Gems

Can you believe that these cakes don't have any comments? Feel free to give some positive feedback to the creators.

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